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Mezzanine Floor Installation

A mezzanine floor will double the usable space in a specific area by using vertical space which is otherwise unused. When a business expands, extra space is always needed. Moving premises is expensive, using a mezzanine is, therefore, cheaper and sometimes quicker.

Installation by fully trained staff will take around 2 to 3 weeks, so downtime is minimal. Mezzanine flooring can be installed in the most difficult locations without the building itself being altered.

The floors themselves are usually designed in CAD software before being installed into their location. Usually planning permission is not required to install a mezzanine floor but you will, however, require Building Regulations Approval. This is obtained by submitting all the necessary documents including drawings and calculations, this process usually takes a few days.

Mezzanines can be installed with power, light and heat. Depending on what the mezzanine is going to be used for will determine what needs to be installed. A mezzanine being used for an office, for example, will probably require all the above.

Health and safety items such as smoke detectors, emergency lights and fire exit signage will need to be installed to comply with regulations. If the mezzanine is going to be used for retail then additional safety features need to be installed, items such as handrails for staircases to keep the public safe from injury.

Once the mezzanine is finished a final safety and quality inspection needs to take place before it is signed-off. The floor can be used after everything has been finalised and signed-off.