Air Conditioning Hire

If you are unsure what air conditioning unit best suits your home or working environment or need a temporary cooling solution, an air conditioning hire may be the perfect solution for you! Many companies offer air conditioning hire as a service, whether it is a short-term or long-term solution.

Why do people hire air conditioning units?

There are many reasons why someone may hire an air conditioning unit, these include:

  • The air conditioning system is broken and therefore, needs a temporary cooling solution.
  • The price of a fixed air conditioning unit is too expensive.
  • Unexpected rise in temperature due to hardware or machinery and need to cool down this specific area.
  • Purifying area.
  • Additional heating capabilities.
  • Renting an office temporarily and due to this, do not want to have the expense of installing an air conditioning system.

The reasons are not limited to those above either and therefore, if you are looking to hire an air conditioner and the reasoning is not listed above, let us know so we can expand on our information if suitable.

Types of air conditioners available for hire

The type of air conditioner available for hire will differ from company to company. However, there are 3 different types of portable air con units.

Room fans

This type of system will not cool the air it will just blow cold air out to initially cool down a person and therefore is suitable for direct use only.

Evaporative coolers

Evaporative coolers remove heat from the air and dispose of it using the cooling pads inside the unit and evaporating the water.

From our experience, we know that this is the most common type of air conditioner which is hired.

Portable air conditioners

These units offer features such as a dehumidifier and air purifying and heating capabilities. They work by plugging the unit into a mains socket and adjusting the hose either out of a window or door.

If you do believe that a portable option is not going to be the best solution for you, an air conditioning unit installation may be necessary for your case.
ait conditioning unit installation


Tooling board

Tooling boards, also known as modelling boards, are the material choice for many industries used to make prototype models and designs across industries such as the aerospace, motorsport and industrial industry.

Mould and pattern tools need to meet the various demands of the marketplace, tooling board suppliers are experts at this and can successfully advise on how to successfully use Epoxy and Polyurethane materials to complete your project.

Epoxy Tooling Board

Epoxy Tooling Board is most used in the production of highly accurate moulds and patterns, often Epoxy is normally chosen for high-temperature applications (up to 130 degrees) where dimensional stability is essential.

Polyurethane Tooling Board

Polyurethane tooling boards are used predominately in the motorsport and automotive industry but work well anywhere where prototype modelling work is required. They are often supplied in varying thicknesses and density depending on what you require.

Polyurethane tooling boards are mainly used in lower temperature applications. Advantages of using them include them being a stable and easy to mould material, producing an accurate surface finish. They are lightweight and versatile, suitable to be styled via CNC machining or by hand.


formula 1 tooling board


Office Furniture Birmingham

How do you feel about work?

What does the office mean to you? Is it the dreary place you are obligated to go to every day just so you can pay your bills or is it a place where you are at your most productive? For most, the former is the truth. In the recent years, however, companies have discovered that the key to maximizing the productivity of their workers lies in the work environment. This has seen a revolution of sorts as one by one, office furniture birmingham has evolved to make the workplace less dull and more conducive for creativity. Companies have begun pushing towards more contemporary styles of furniture in their office simply because the workers respond better to the new atmosphere it creates. Furthermore, progressing from the rigid squares and rectangles of traditional office furniture creates a more relaxed atmosphere in the office.

Redesigning the office

office furniture

Companies have made bold steps towards enhancing their interior design to improve the morale of the workers. Bright colours are slowly taking over the drab greys and stiff whites to make the office look a lot less like the life-sucking confinement room most people perceive it to be. The companies have also made it a point to constantly revamp their office furniture design in a bid to keep everything fresh. After all, an office is a place where people spend years of their lives doing the same activities over and over again. Having to sit in the same chair or use the same desk for a decade can be mind-numbingly monotonous. As a result, straight edges are slowly becoming phased out as more and more companies begin to embrace curves on their office furniture.

Using office furniture to influence workstaff

Changing the outlook of your workers can be as simple as renovating their work spaces into something more comfortable and vibrant. Not only has the change of office furniture birmingham boosted productivity; the companies embracing change have seen a more positive attitude from their employees coupled with an increased incentive to work.

Prestige Car Hire

Prestige car hire is a great way of making a lasting impression for any occasion. Prestige cars offer comfort, speed and economy as well as a combination of all three. Luxury cars can be hired for anything from a business meeting to a wedding. Some of the brands which produce this type of car include Aston Martin, Porsche, Ferrari, Mercedes, Bentley, Lamborghini and Range Rover.

Prestige Car Hire Costs

The cost to hire this type of car varies depending on the make and model. The less expensive cars are cheaper to hire as they cost less to buy initially and are cheaper to insure. Another cost to consider is whether you want to self-drive the car or be chauffeur driven. Being driven around is the height of luxury but does come at a cost, as hiring someone to drive you around can be expensive.

The cars themselves can be delivered to your house or another service which some companies offer is an airport “meet and greet” where someone can deliver a car ready for when you get off the plane.

Hire Deposits

To be able to hire a luxury car, a deposit needs to be put down which is there in case of any damage caused. This can be a few thousand depending on the car being hired and needs to be taken into consideration when looking at hiring a car.

Classic prestige cars can also be hired as well as their modern counterparts. These are ideal for weddings where something special is required to set you apart from everyone else.

Prestige car hire

Mezzanine Floor Installation

A mezzanine floor will double the usable space in a specific area by using vertical space which is otherwise unused. When a business expands, extra space is always needed. Moving premises is expensive, using a mezzanine is, therefore, cheaper and sometimes quicker.

Installation by fully trained staff will take around 2 to 3 weeks, so downtime is minimal. Mezzanine flooring can be installed in the most difficult locations without the building itself being altered.

The floors themselves are usually designed in CAD software before being installed into their location. Usually planning permission is not required to install a mezzanine floor but you will, however, require Building Regulations Approval. This is obtained by submitting all the necessary documents including drawings and calculations, this process usually takes a few days.

Mezzanines can be installed with power, light and heat. Depending on what the mezzanine is going to be used for will determine what needs to be installed. A mezzanine being used for an office, for example, will probably require all the above.

Health and safety items such as smoke detectors, emergency lights and fire exit signage will need to be installed to comply with regulations. If the mezzanine is going to be used for retail then additional safety features need to be installed, items such as handrails for staircases to keep the public safe from injury.

Once the mezzanine is finished a final safety and quality inspection needs to take place before it is signed-off. The floor can be used after everything has been finalised and signed-off.

Floor Screeding Company

floor screeding When building a house or an establishment in the United Kingdom, good solid flooring has become quite common. This is normally achieved with the application of screed, although the process has gone through several changes in recent years. This is particularly true in the UK building industry. As such, the services of floor screeding companies may need to be considered especially for those living in the West Midland region who need help with their flooring.

Trying to find a good floor screeding company can be a bit of a hassle given the many changes involving the use of floor screeds. In previous years, screed was composed mainly of cement and sand which is poured directly on floors made of concrete. Thereafter, a second pouring may be made as a finishing touch, although this is often optional.

In any case, it is clear that screeds are normally resorted to in order to further reinforce building floorings. This has been the traditional role of the screed, although the way in which this is applied has been modified many times as a way of keeping up with developments in the building industry.

These days, the screed is known to be delivered from a special vehicle where the material is mixed and pumped. Prior to this recent innovation, the screed had to be mixed and pumped from a separate machine or mixing pan before being transferred to the vehicle and finally poured onto the designated flooring.

Given this, when looking for a company that can deliver screeding services, one important criteria to consider is what type of screeding process it is presently using. This can be conveniently identified by taking a good look at its client as well as service records.

Floor screeding companies are a highly specialised lot. Expertise in the field may be an overriding consideration even as many of these firms can easily claim that they are the only true experts. When this is the case, actual field experience should be a more helpful guide in choosing the company that will perform the screeding job.