Tooling board

Tooling boards, also known as modelling boards, are the material choice for many industries used to make prototype models and designs across industries such as the aerospace, motorsport and industrial industry.

Mould and pattern tools need to meet the various demands of the marketplace, tooling board suppliers are experts at this and can successfully advise on how to successfully use Epoxy and Polyurethane materials to complete your project.

Epoxy Tooling Board

Epoxy Tooling Board is most used in the production of highly accurate moulds and patterns, often Epoxy is normally chosen for high-temperature applications (up to 130 degrees) where dimensional stability is essential.

Polyurethane Tooling Board

Polyurethane tooling boards are used predominately in the motorsport and automotive industry but work well anywhere where prototype modelling work is required. They are often supplied in varying thicknesses and density depending on what you require.

Polyurethane tooling boards are mainly used in lower temperature applications. Advantages of using them include them being a stable and easy to mould material, producing an accurate surface finish. They are lightweight and versatile, suitable to be styled via CNC machining or by hand.


formula 1 tooling board


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